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Hodgkin Lymphoma Booklet Bundle

From diagnosis to survivorship, prepare for the journey ahead.

Gain the knowledge and support you need to face Hodgkin Lymphoma with confidence.

Using simple analogies and understandable language, lymphoma expert Dr. Kami Maddocks and board-certified oncologist Dr. Joe Hofmeister walk you and your loved ones through the diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship of Hodgkin Lymphoma. This 3-book series will give you the tools you need to actively participate in conversations with your medical team. You will find the confidence to face the path ahead.

Each book includes definitions and pronunciations of terms, take-home points, and questions to ask the doctor to help you navigate your HL journey.

In this bundle

Learn the basics of Hodgkin Lymphoma and its causes, the signs and symptoms that lead you here, and how to improve your chances of being cured. You’ll feel prepared to embrace the journey ahead and take charge of your healthcare.

Gain a better understanding of HL, your therapy options, and the factors that might influence treatment planning. Ease your worries so you can begin your journey by discovering the typical HL treatment plans, understanding treatment outcomes, and plan for life on treatment.

Cancer-free, but things don’t feel quite normal again? We’ll help you understand what’s next and what’s “normal” following HL treatment. Get ready to face the next steps by learning what to expect (physically and emotionally), tips to feel better, and how to keep cancer away for good.