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Help your patients navigate life and understand the fundamental concepts of their disease.

From disease basics to sensitive, complex, and demographic-specific topics, we explain what patients want and need to know and direct them to the best resources. Together, we can boost:



Trust in the provider & recommendations

Well-being & overall satisfaction

Drive action with compassion

Find out what compassion is, why it matters, and how it can motivate patients to take action.

Our Solutions

Custom Content Projects

Start conversations, transform relationships, and motivate action toward your goals with resources specifically designed for your patients and caregivers.

  • Select any disease or topic across the entire healthcare spectrum
  • Choose any format (print, digital, multimedia) to deliver our original content
  • Customize the included features and how we work together

Co-Branded Materials

Highlight your organization and advocates on our resources to improve loyalty, satisfaction, and impact. Choose from a variety of customization options.

Off-the-Shelf Resources

Choose from our existing collection of materials and give your patients the gift of confidence and knowledge right away.

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We'll work with you to customize our partnership. Plus, healthcare professionals receive free sample kits.

Digital Resources

Kindle Editions

Timing is everything. To help patients get the information they need, we have some of our books available on Amazon Kindle.