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Leveling Health's flagship series.

Breaking down complex medical topics into conversational stories filled with knowledge and support for patients and caregivers. 

What's different about this series?

Empowering Language

  • Conversational tone
  • Open and honest information
  • Compassionate storytelling
  • Action-oriented tools

Purposeful Design

  • Unique to patient populations
  • Visual storytelling
  • Custom illustrations
  • Note-taking & white-space

Teaching Techniques

  • On-page definitions
  • In-line pronunciations
  • Summary points
  • Questions to ask the doctor

Accuracy & Approval

  • Approved by subject matter experts
  • Reviewed by patient advocates
  • Excellent pharma regulatory approval record

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I literally couldn't put it down.

I had several tests run before I started chemo, but I really wasn't sure what they were for. Bone scan, MRI, CT scan, echo... This book really explained them in an easy-to-understand way. Truly appreciate How Breast Cancer is Like a Dandelion as I go through my cancer journey.

Breast cancer patient

Easy to digest, beautiful, and wonderfully done.

How Breast Cancer is Like a Dandelionis straightforward and doesn't mask risks or possible outcomes, but compassionately presents the tough information, offering hope. Dr. Joe Explains series has a collaborative and team-spirited approach.

Breast cancer patient

We searched for the perfect book—this is it.

All newly diagnosed (and some recurrent) breast cancer patients undergoing treatment receive a copy due to the generosity of our cancer center. Our patients refer to it throughout their treatment and beyond.

Cathy Zeller
Oncology Nurse and Industry

There when you’re ready.

One of the things I liked best about How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion is that you can read what you need to know and come back to read more when you are ready. It's an excellent resource, directed not only at the physical changes, but also at the psychological roller coaster. They take the diagnosis and lead you calmly along the path to recovery.

Kay Nicholas
Nurse & breast cancer patient