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We create compassionate, audience-specific health content.

By minimizing confusion and the feeling of being overwhelmed, we inspire confident dialogue and informed decisions to improve outcomes. Our print, digital, and multimedia resources start conversations, transform relationships, and motivate actions to achieve specific goals.

Breaking the fog of war

Patients struggle to absorb the tsunami of information they receive. Despite our best efforts, much of the discussion is lost to the "fog of war." The structure of Leveling Health’s resources helps guide patients, family, friends, and caregivers through the entire cancer spectrum from the initial diagnosis to survivorship and living with the disease, no matter their level of education or sophistication.

Radiation Oncologist

Bridging the gap.

As a physician, I sometimes struggle to explain how I see a disease process. Leveling Health’s materials help bridge the gap between medical providers and their patients in a way that connects the two seamlessly. They help bring back to earth the experiences that a patient may face in dealing with their cancer diagnosis.


Addressing their questions, fears, concerns, and what's next.

The Dr. Joe Explain’s series breast biopsy booklet has been a great success with our patients; we give it to every patient who needs a breast biopsy. The booklet addresses their questions, fears, concerns, and what will happen. Patients find the wording, illustrations, and step-by-step guide very helpful in their care.

Oncology nurse navigator

From the perspective of a friend.

Beautifully written with compassion and from the perspective of a friend. A really smart friend who has your best interest at heart and understands the importance and sensitivity of the topic you're discussing. Their ability to discuss a woman's worst nightmare, “You have breast cancer,” in an educational and scientific way without losing the emotions every woman is feeling during this time is impressive.

Breast cancer patient

Patient resources

Prepare for what’s next & find your confidence.

Our books and online resources provide clarity around your disease and treatments, offer practical tips, and outline next steps to help you take control of your health experience. We’ll help you prepare for what’s next and find the confidence to make the right decision for you.

Embarking from a place of understanding instead of fear.

An easy read that gives great perspective and information on what is usually a very frightening experience. I always tell my patients, "knowledge is power," and Leveling Health's books help patients and their support team embark on the journey from a place of understanding instead of fear.


Explaining the complicated in easy-to-understand ways.

It fills a void of much-needed books explaining a complicated and anxiety-provoking medical diagnosis to patients in simple and easy-to-understand ways. The analogies in this book fill that need. I look forward to recommending this book to all of my breast cancer patients.

Medical Oncologist

A real Godsend!

Though my wonderful oncologist explained everything to me in detail, my husband and I retained little of that visit. My sister-in-law sent me, How Breast Cancer is Like a Dandelion, and it has been a real Godsend! I now have everything spelled out clearly, and I can refer to it as often as I need. It is a MUST HAVE!!!

Breast cancer patient

Dr. Joe Explains: The series that started everything

Explore what makes Leveling Health unique—from empowering language to purposeful design—through our flagship series. Plus, check out what's available!