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In the same way that a father can make the world feel a little less scary for his daughter, Leveling Health makes medical care less scary for patients, caregivers, and loved ones.

The beginning...

When our founder, Abby Hofmeister, developed a rare medical condition that baffled doctors, the lack of information left her feeling hopeless, lost, and alone. Abby discovered comfort in her father, Dr. Joe Hofmeister, as he was particularly good at breaking down complex medical jargon to make things easier for her to understand.

Information became Abby’s greatest source of comfort, and a father who knew how to explain it—her greatest resource.

From this experience grew a new purpose in Abby’s life—to become that same source of comfort, information, and clarity for others struggling with the stress, fear, and anxiety of a medical condition.

Channeling her pain into purpose, Abby and her father created How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion, the first book in the Dr. Joe Explains Series.

Dr. Joe Explains: A stepping stone

The father-daughter duo’s unique, compassionate approach to helping patients navigate life with medical conditions started to generate interest. To push their mission forward, they assembled a team of medical, cultural, and communications experts, refined their process, and built out the Dr. Joe Explains Series.

A simple act of compassion between a father and his daughter grew into an important resource, providing others a sense of direction and the knowledge and confidence to make health decisions.

As the company grew, so did its mission. Taking the lessons she learned working with her father, Abby founded Leveling Health Publishing (a Women-Owned Business) to stretch beyond easy-to-understand health explanations into addressing health equity.
Leveling Health Publishing: Inspiring a more equal future

Inspired by Abby’s story and the first-hand experiences of so many others, Leveling Health creates audience-specific health content that levels the communication playing field for patients and caregivers.

Our informative materials empower patients and caregivers to take control of the things they can and accept the things they cannot. Our team’s compassionate approach is rooted in a deep understanding of each patient population’s medical, emotional, and cultural experience. By breaking through anxiety, confusion, and mistrust, we inspire confident dialogue, informed decisions, and improved outcomes.

From one patient to another, one parent to another, and one doctor to another—we look forward to becoming a part of your care and support.