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Abigail Hofmeister

Chief Executive Officer

Abigail’s deep passion for helping people facing healthcare challenges make comfortable and confident decisions about their care needs is an irreplaceable asset for Leveling Health. Abigail graduated from Northwestern University with an Industrial Engineering degree and a Kellogg School of Management certificate. After graduating, she has held positions in both operations and e-commerce marketing for Masco Corporation, during which she focused on automation programming (python & VBA), data analytics and reporting, and business and marketing strategy. Abigail played a key role in writing, editing, designing, and illustrating How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion.

Abigail’s passion is rooted in her own personal experience through the healthcare system. In and out of the hospital and doctor’s appointments since she was a baby, she knows, even today, what it’s like to stare blankly into a doctor’s eyes scared, overwhelmed, and confused. Every day she confronts the fear and anxiety of her potentially life-threatening allergy. Additionally, she has faced other conditions that do not have a clear diagnosis and understands the struggles associated with the unknown. Once realizing that her condition would remain elusive, she switched her healthcare focus from internal to external. She now thrives on and is motivated by the possibility to help other patients get the answers they needed about their medical condition—or at least an explanation about why those answers don’t exist—empowering them to face their conditions.

These experiences have shaped Abby to be our “patient advocate and expert.” She is able to put herself in the mind of a scared, overwhelmed patient because she’s been there. Drawing from her experiences, she can compassionately explain to others sometimes answers and treatments don’t exist, but we have to accept where we are and move forward.

Abigail leads operations and program development for Leveling Health, overseeing content development, site development, project management, and business operations. Abigail uses her engineering background to develop analytic models, automate processes, and even write. Abigail is responsible for the algorithms that lead a patient through our content. From a micro to a macro view of the content, she maps out the order and navigation of each sentence within a piece of content all the way to how each piece of content connects to each other.