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Breaking the 'fog of war.'
I know first-hand how patients struggle to absorb the tsunami of information they receive. Despite our best efforts, much of the discussion is lost to the "fog of war." The structure of Leveling Health’s resources helps guide patients, family, friends, and caregivers through the entire cancer spectrum from the initial diagnosis to survivorship and living with the disease, no matter their level of education or sophistication.
Dr. Mark Crnkovich Radiation Oncologist
There when you’re ready.
Although my healthcare team did an excellent job explaining everything to me, the simple truth is that no matter how good your memory is, you can barely remember anything because of the tremendous shock you have just received… One of the things I liked best about this book is that you can read what you need to know and come back and read more when you are ready. It is an excellent resource, directed not only at the physical changes, but also the psychological roller coaster. Leveling Health takes your diagnosis and leads you calmly along the path to recovery.
Kay Nicholas Nurse & Patient
We searched for the perfect book—this is it.
We have searched and searched for the perfect book to give to patients—How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion is it. All newly diagnosed (and some recurrent) breast cancer patients undergoing treatment receive a copy of it due to the generosity of our cancer center. Our patients refer to it throughout their treatment and beyond.
Establishing the building blocks.
Even though I am an oncology nurse, I found How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion comforting and helpful when preparing for a recent biopsy as it carefully considers the patient's perspective. One thing I really liked about it is the way the authors outline the process of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Each overwhelming topic connects to the last, establishing the building blocks necessary for the patient to understand what is happening. So helpful for use with my patients!
Janet Harvey Oncology Research Nurse, BSN, RN, OCN
Bridging the gap.
As a physician, I sometimes struggle to explain how I see a disease process. Leveling Health’s materials help bridge the gap between medical providers and their patients in a way that connects the two seamlessly. They help bring back to earth the experiences that a patient may face in dealing with their cancer diagnosis.
Dr. Mini Somasundaram OBGYN
Offering peace of mind.
As an RN in Oncology, I knew How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion book was a great teaching tool for my patients. But then I became the patient. This book offered me the peace of mind to navigate through the process.
Joanne Sommers Oncology Nurse, RN
Explaining the complicated in easy-to-understand ways.
It fills a void of much-needed books explaining a complicated and anxiety-provoking medical diagnosis to patients in simple and easy-to-understand ways. The analogies in this book fill that need. I look forward to recommending this book to all of my breast cancer patients.
Dr. Christopher S. George Medical Oncologist
It has been a real Godsend!
It's quite a shock when your doctor tells you of your cancer diagnosis. Though my wonderful oncologist explained everything to me in detail, I think my husband and I retained little of that visit. My sister-in-law sent me, How Breast Cancer is Like a Dandelion, and it has been a real Godsend! I now have everything spelled out clearly, and I can refer to it as often as I need. It is a MUST HAVE!!!
Anita P. Casey Breast cancer patient
One of the best books on the topic.
Beautiful and informative graphics and take-home points at the end of each chapter help the reader easily navigate through a difficult experience. Unlike many other books on the same topic, How Breast Cancer is Like a Dandelion is written by two medical oncologists with large, active medical practices and extensive experience working with people with breast cancer. As an advanced practice nurse in oncology with many years of experience working with women with breast cancer, I have found this to be one of the best books on the topic I have read in a long time.
Lisa Hartkopf Smith MS, RN, AOCN, CNS
Embarking from a place of understanding instead of fear.
An easy read that gives great perspective and information on what is usually a very frightening experience. I always tell my patients, "knowledge is power," and Leveling Health's books help patients and their support team embark on the journey from a place of understanding instead of fear.
Dr. Stephanie Costa OBGYN
Alleviating anxiety.
There probably isn't anything more terrifying than hearing your physician say, "You have cancer." Then it starts, all the strange words, testing, confusion, and your mind is overwhelmed. Leveling Health will alleviate a lot of that anxiety. Their resources can help you understand things a lot better.
Ann Lamantia Oncology Nurse & Oncology Patient
Addressing their questions, fears, concerns, and what's next.
The Dr. Joe Explain’s series breast biopsy booklet has been a great success with our patients; we give it to every patient who needs a breast biopsy. The booklet addresses their questions, fears, concerns, and what will happen. Patients find the wording, illustrations, and step-by-step guide very helpful in their care.
Shelly K Romine Oncology Nurse Navigator, MSN, RN, BC, CCRN
Making sense of the confusing world of medical terms.
Leveling Health's books help allay fears and make sense of the confusing world of medical terms and diagnostic tools. How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion logically lays out brief yet concise information on each step in the process of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. I particularly appreciated the "recap" at the end of each chapter and the glossary at the end of the book. A bonus is the lovely artwork!
Patti Dunn Oncology Nurse
A straightforward way to look at very emotional, highly technical, and life-altering decisions.
I will certainly be recommending Leveling Health’s simple and straightforward (a relative term when you’re talking about cancer) way to look at a very emotional, highly technical, and life-altering decision. How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion doesn't guarantee good outcomes for everyone in every situation, but it gives patients and their families an understandable metaphor for making the best decisions with the information available.
John T. Cancer Patient
From the perspective of a friend with your best interest at heart.
Beautifully written with compassion and from the perspective of a friend. A really smart friend who has your best interest at heart and understands the importance and sensitivity of the topic you're discussing. Their ability to discuss a woman's worst nightmare, “You have breast cancer,” in an educational and scientific way without losing the emotions every woman is feeling during this time is impressive.
Anonymous Breast cancer patient
Recommended for patient teaching.
As a nurse, I recommend How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion for patient teaching. Suggest it to your doctor, and make sure it's sitting on the magazine rack in the office!
Joan W. Nurse
Taking the guesswork out.
Once you hear the word “cancer” in the same sentence as the name of someone you love and care about, it’s hard to hear anything else. In How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion, Leveling Health takes the guesswork out of understanding breast cancer diagnosis and treatment by explaining it in a way nearly everyone can understand. No one wants to think about a breast cancer diagnosis, but if it happens to you or someone you love, you need Leveling Health's book to help you through your treatment and recovery. Knowledge is power and empowerment, and this book is the solid foundation on which to build your understanding of, and resolve to face, breast cancer.
Sara W. Breast cancer patient and loved one
For anyone impacted by cancer, whether personally or a loved one.
During my friend’s breast cancer diagnosis, Leveling Health's books really helped guide us all through her early stages. I would recommend them to anyone impacted by breast cancer, whether personally or a close family member or friend.
Samuel Snavley Loved one
Knowledge is power.
This book is a must-read. Leveling Health explains cancer and its treatment options in easy-to-understand terminology. Knowledge is power, so why not read this book to learn all you can about cancer, its prevention, and its treatment? 
Breaking down the barrier of fear.
Leveling Health does a phenomenal job of breaking down the complexities of breast cancer step-by-step and in "layman’s" terms. The artwork, an easy-to-read narrative combined with analogies, makes their breast cancer education so much easier to digest. Breaking down the barrier of fear and hitting it head-on with concepts we can all understand.
Written with compassion and care.
I feel that Level Health's books were written with compassion and the utmost care to educate, strengthen and empower the reader. Breast cancer patients, their families, and friends would benefit greatly from reading their books.
Taking some of the fear out of the unknown.
How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion offers clear guidance on what to expect during the whole process and gave me many insights I would never have thought of on my own. Beautifully written and organized—it simply gave me hope by taking some of the fear out of the unknown.
Tom Maves Caregiver
Becoming an active participant in your care.
Leveling Health's information allows you to be an active participant in your care and treatment. A cancer diagnosis is scary. Information you can understand and use is a powerful tool to help you get through the process one step and one day at a time. Their books are also good resources for your caregiver and support team.
What an amazing book! I am in the Oncology field, and I know there are many patient educational books out there, but nothing like this! I have never seen a more beautiful, well-thought-out book for patients with breast cancer, and I wish I had known about this book earlier when my friend was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion is a MUST-HAVE for anyone dealing with breast cancer!
Sheila Khosh Phillips Loved one