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Dr. Joseph Hofmeister

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hofmeister has specialized in medical oncology and hematology for more than 19 years. Frustrated by how the complexities of today’s healthcare system cause unnecessary anxiety and confusion among patients, Dr. Hofmeister started using everyday metaphors to explain health and medical information to his patients. By using metaphors, he found that patient education was less about literacy and more about understanding and alleviating anxiety, which in turn led to better patient decision-making. Dr. Hofmeister tested his concept in a book called How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion, which was well-received by patients and healthcare leaders.

Dr. Hofmeister practices with Columbus Oncology and Hematology Associates (COHA). He is a former president of COHA and OOH (Ohio Oncology and Hematology). Technical positions include oncology/beacon physician champion (Epic implementation), subject matter expert for the creation of OhioHealth’s CareConnect Beacon treatment plans (350+) and all therapy plans (140+), and physician envoy for optimization and continuous development of CareConnect. He recently was elected as an executive member of the Ohio Department of Ohio - Ohio Partners for Cancer Control (OPCC). He continues to support many charitable organizations and is a professional advisory board member for Cancer Support Community - Central Ohio.

Dr. Hofmeister is continually motivated by the desire to help and serve others. This desire rooted in witnessing his father be diagnosed and, eventually, dying from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) as a teenager. He saw firsthand the emotional toll an illness creates on the patient and their family, learning at a very young age that hearing and understanding are impaired by anxiety and fear. Throughout his medical career, especially as an oncologist, he has made an effort to bridge the gap in patient-physician communication. Because he has experienced both sides of a diagnosis, he was able to come up with a powerful and unique solution.

As CMO, Dr. Hofmeister oversees the management and direction of the company. He has a great understanding of players within the healthcare industry, which allows him to creatively develop programs for our clients that solve their top priority business needs. His medical expertise is imperative for developing client-specific solutions. He also oversees the development of the medical content. Finally, Dr. Hofmeister’s greatest skill his ideation; the entire team leans on him to generate innovative ideas from the content and technology to sales programs.