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Hodgkin Lymphoma

What to expect once treatment is behind you.

At last, you’re cancer-free. Time to move on. But why doesn’t it feel like it’s really over?

Your surprise Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL) diagnosis and rigorous treatment aren’t going to be easy to shake, even when the doctor says you’re all clear. We’ll help you understand what’s next and what’s “normal” following HL treatment. Get ready to face the next steps by learning what to expect (physically and emotionally), tips to feel better, and how to keep cancer away for good.

Inside this booklet, you’ll learn:
  • Side effects in recovery
  • How you’ll feel in the future
  • What’s next? What’s normal?
  • Life after treatment
Whether you just finished treatment or you completed it some time ago, this book will help you prepare for life after treatment.