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Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Booklet Bundle

Patients & Caregivers: Prepare for the journey ahead.

Gain the knowledge and support you need to face Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma with confidence.

Using simple analogies and understandable language, liver cancer expert Dr. John Lippert and board-certified oncologist Dr. Joe Hofmeister will help you and your caregiver gain a better understanding of advanced HCC and prepare you for the road ahead. Discover tools to help you both actively participate in conversations with the medical team. Equipped with knowledge, you’ll find the confidence to face the path ahead together.

Each book includes definitions and pronunciations of terms, take-home points, and questions to ask the doctor to help you navigate your HCC journey.

In this bundle

Gain a basic understanding of the different types of liver cancer, treatment and therapy options, and factors that might influence treatment planning. With more clarity and practical tips, you’ll feel prepared to embrace the journey ahead and take charge of your healthcare.

From communicating with medical support teams and managing side effects to learning about additional care options for added relief, this book will help you participate in your care, find meaning, and live fully in the moment.

Caregiving can be hard, but this book will help you provide positive, compassionate support through the good times and the bad. From keeping appointments and medications organized to insurance and financial planning for the future, start to feel more confident in your role with practical tips and clear next steps.

This item is limited to 10 per order. Available in 25 and 150 packs, or contact for bulk purchase.