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Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

What it is, how it's treated, and what happens next.

Liver cancer is a road you never wanted to travel, but understanding your options can help you see a way forward.

Getting familiar with the basics of liver cancer can help you understand the disease and navigate care planning with confidence. Learn about your treatment and therapy options. Find out which options make the most sense for you, and stay on course with practical tips for remembering to take your medication. The road ahead might look intimidating, but you are not on this journey alone.

Inside this booklet, you’ll learn:
  • The two basic types of liver cancer
  • Factors that will influence your care plan
  • Treatment and therapy options
  • Tips to help you stay on track

Whether you were recently diagnosed or you’ve had HCC for some time, this book will help you gain the knowledge and tools you need to face the journey ahead.

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