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Breast Cancer Booklet Bundle

Off-the-Shelf, Booklet Bundle Packs

From biopsy to survivorship, prepare your patients for the journey ahead.

Using simple analogies and understandable language, breast cancer expert Dr. Erin Macrae and board-certified oncologist Dr. Joe Hofmeister will help your patients gain a better understanding of breast cancer and prepare them for the road ahead. Equipped with knowledge and support, your patients will find the confidence they need to actively participate in their care.

These bundles include an equal quantity of each of our breast cancer booklets:

Each book includes definitions and pronunciations of terms, take-home points, and questions to ask the doctor.

Our breast cancer booklet bundle will help you give your patients support and guidance through every step of their breast cancer journey.

Available in packs of 5, 50, 100, and 250 of each booklet.