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Breast Cancer Survivorship

Off-the-Shelf, Booklet Packs

“My treatment is over, but things don’t feel quite normal,” your patients commonly say. During treatment, your patients endured a lot—physically, mentally, and emotionally—andit’s important to help them understand what’s next and what’s “normal” after treatment.

This book does just that, offering patients the knowledge and insight needed to prepare for life after treatment. From understanding what to expect (physically and emotionally) and learning tips for how to feel better and keep cancer away for good, the goal is to help prepare patients for the future so they can live fully in the moment.

Included Topics:
  • Side effects in recovery
  • How you’ll feel in the future
  • What’s next? What’s normal?
  • Life after treatment
This book is perfect for patients who have completed surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (if applicable).

Available in packs of 25 and 300.