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Got Your Flu Shot? Here Are 3 Reasons to Give Yourself a Pat on the Back.

Things have been tough lately. Empty grocery stores. Closed gyms. Too much TV. For good or bad, too much family or roommate time. Regardless, everyone is feeling the isolation, the unwelcomed amounts of alone time, and cabin fever (primary symptom: wanting to clean). It can all be kind of depressing.

So, to change the tone from doom, gloom, and fear, we wanted to point out something awesome.

Shout out to everyone who got their flu shot this year.

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Why such high praise?

Because have made an impact with the coronavirus outbreak, and we’re about to tell you why.

Just to get it straight, it’s not because the flu shot prevents coronavirus. But, here are a few of the other super important benefits of the influenza vaccine(IN-FLEW-EN-ZAH VAX-ZEEN) —A treatment used to teach your immune system how to recognize and prevent influenza (flu).

1. Reducing confusion.

The coronavirus, flu, and the common cold all have very similar symptoms. Fever, cough, runny nose, tiredness, muscle aches. This has made it really hard for medical professionals to determine who has which.

Because you got the flu vaccine(FLEW VAX-ZEEN) — A treatment used to teach your immune system how to recognize and prevent influenza (flu), you either didn't present these symptoms (because you didn’t get the flu), or your case of the flu wasn't as severe, and you didn't need to seek medical attention. Both of these possibilities result in a lot less confusion and worry for you and everyone around you.

Which leads us to number 2…

2. Saving our medical resources for coronavirus victims.

Even though you can still get the flu with the vaccine(VAX-ZEEN) — A treatment used to teach your immune system how to recognize certain foreign invaders and prevent disease, it does prevent a large percentage of people from ever getting it. But if it doesn’t, you are still far less likely to be hospitalized since the symptoms are milder and don’t last as long. (Yes, we are saying it again because it is important!)

Moreover, the flu vaccine also helps limit the spread of the flu since you are less likely to pass it along to someone else.

What does all this mean for the coronavirus?

By not getting the flu and not giving it to anyone else, fewer people have thought they have coronavirus, reducing the suspected cases. This has allowed medical professionals to focus and treat the patients who truly have had the coronavirus.

3. You never know, you might have saved a life or two.

By being vaccinated, you may have opened up one more bed in the hospital for a coronavirus victim. This could mean all the difference to someone with severe coronavirus symptoms. Plus, you never know who you might have infected if you didn’t get the vaccine. Similar to the coronavirus, the flu can be life-threatening to those with a weak immune system(EM-MUNE SIS-TEM) — A network of proteins and cells that work together to stop invaders from taking over the body and causing many problems (like the elderly and those with certain health conditions) or for those who are just really unlucky and get a bad case. You could have saved their life too.

If you didn’t get the flu vaccine this year, the good news is the flu season is almost over and the number of cases has significantly decreased with the self-quarantineA person's choice to avoid any direct or indirect contact with others to try to prevent the spread of a disease and social distancing(SOW-SHL DIST-ANCE-ING) — Intentionally increasing the space between people to prevent the spread of a disease measures for the coronavirus. But we still don’t know what is going to happen in the fall.

Want to do something to help with the coronavirus pandemic? Remember this troubling time and plan to get a flu vaccine in the fall so you can help not only yourself but also those around you.

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