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Patient Education: What is Content, Actually? Why is it Valuable?

Let’s be honest, content is a very generic term. From a satisfying feeling to something that’s contained, content has many distinct meanings. You can use it as a verb, noun, or adjective. And as you move from industry to industry, project to project, and situation to situation, its exact implications change.

We can’t say what content means to everyone else, but we can tell you what it means to us at Leveling Health. It’s actually pretty simple.

Content is far more than just words on a page. It’s heart. It’s love. It’s tears and smiles. It’s emotion.

So, that probably wasn’t the definition you were expecting, but this is the definition that exemplifies the value of Leveling Health content. Our value is the ability to create unique patient education materials that incite emotion, driving action and behavior change.

Here’s a little insight into how we turn our medical content into value.

Personalization: Every patient population is unique.

From demographics to the disease path, every disease has a distinct patient population. Each patient group has unique emotional ties and, in some cases, demographic dominance. Because of this, we customize the tone and approach of our content to align with the mindset of the specific patient population.

We personalize the messaging to connect with our readers, providing the information they need, the way they want it.

We are successful because we can relate to how they feel in that very moment of the patient journey. We know because we are patients, backed by experts. Our process includes many reviews by medical professionals and patient advocates to ensure accuracy, effectiveness, comprehension, and most importantly, alignment with the patient population.

Connection: Our content has a soul.

With a deep understanding of our target audience, we build a connection and trust with our consumers through compassionate support.

People don’t crave a connection with facts or figures; they crave relationships with other people. That’s why we give our content a soul; we become our reader’s friend (who happens to be a compassionate nurse or doctor), walking beside them into the scary unknown.

Why a friend? Friends provide comfort, knowledge, and advice in a way we understand. Friends are realistic, honest, and compassionate, providing support that can reduce our fears. Friends allow us to lower our guard, enabling us to hear their message and question our own thoughts and beliefs.

Friends are the people who change our minds.

Action: Trust opens the door to change.

Just like with friends, once we’ve established trust with our readers, they start to really pay attention to our messages. They start learning, gaining confidence, and considering alternative methods and points of view. They become more open to listening to our reasoning, igniting the behavior change process.

By establishing trust, we're able to motivate our readers to take a specific action—the goal.

Even when discussing uncomfortable topics (or ideas controversial to an individual’s current beliefs), realistic support and trust can enable patients to speak up, ask questions, and participate in decisions.

Why Customized Patient Content Matters?

Uniqueness is the key to a successful business. Consumers “join” because your business generates value they can't find anywhere else. Therefore, uniqueness is value.

Leveling Health is committed to creating one-of-a-kind patient education materials that you can’t find anywhere else, at a quality that no one else can match.

If you’ve ever experienced Leveling Health patient education materials, you’d know that they will drive value to your consumers and brand. And, if you haven’t, request your free sample kit for healthcare professionals!

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