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Navigating Metastatic Breast Cancer Conversations

Off-the-Shelf, Booklet Packs

Living with metastatic breast cancer can be hard. Sometimes talking about it is even harder. It’s our role to empower patients to take charge, speak up, and ask for clarity or guidance.

This book offers patients the tools and tips they need to navigate life with metastatic breast cancer. Full of suggestions for improving communication with medical support teams, keeping appointments and medications organized, selecting their next treatment, and planning for the future, the goal is to alleviate fears and empower patients to participate in their care.

Included Topics:
  • How to have better conversations
  • Navigating new treatments
  • Tips for keeping track of medications
  • Planning for the future
  • Who to turn to for help and support

This book is perfect for newly diagnosed MBC patients and those who have been living with MBC for a while.

Available in packs of 25 and 100, and through bulk orders.