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Metastatic Breast Cancer

How to take the lead and navigate your cancer experience with confidence.

Living with metastatic breast cancer can be hard. Sometimes talking about it is even harder.

It may feel like there’s a lot of pressure to put your best face forward. And with so much happening so fast, it’s normal to feel like you don’t have a lot of control over your future—but you do.

Empower yourself to take charge, speak up, and ask for clarity or guidance. Discover the courage and confidence to actively participate in your care. With practical advice and simple tips, you’ll learn how to live fully—not just how to survive—while facing metastatic breast cancer.

Inside this booklet, you’ll learn:
  • How to have better conversations
  • Navigating new treatments
  • Tips for keeping track of medications
  • Planning for the future
  • Who to turn to for help and support

Whether your diagnosis is new or you’ve had MBC for some time, this book is full of tips and tools to help you take control of your experience. For those recently diagnosed, we’ll help you develop good habits from the start. For the others, this book is a perfect reminder of all the tools you have available and the crucial conversations to be had so you can take the lead.

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