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Advanced Prostate Cancer Playbook for Black Men

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You didn’t choose to have advanced prostate cancer, but you can choose how to face it. When you give yourself permission to let go of negative thoughts, you may find that some of your best days are still ahead.

This book provides Black men with prostate cancer with information, tools, and tips to evaluate care options, improve communication with their support teams, and ask the right questions. The goal is to build trust, encourage patient follow-through with a care plan, and help them make the most of each day by providing clarity around the disease and practical tips for moving forward.

Included Topics:
  • Advanced prostate cancer basics
  • Factors that influence your care plan
  • How to communicate with your support team
  • What questions to ask your doctor

Perfect for Black men recently diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and those who have been living with it for a while.

Available through bulk orders only.