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Toby Miller

Technology Advisor

As a seasoned Technologist, Toby is devoted to the creation of new technologies and applications. He develops forward-leaning solutions, and serves as an excellent teacher and mentor to others. Always on the cutting-edge, he’s driven by insightful and creative ideas, and his enthusiasm for innovation inspires everyone around him. A touch off the beaten path, he discourages the limiting effects of boundaries because he knows, when given free rein, you can come up with genius ideas. Toby's success comes from his vast experience across industries through his work supporting agency accounts, managing innovation projects, supporting startup ventures, and building other small companies. His experience is hard to match as is his passion for technology.

Toby is a trusted advisor to Dr. Joe Explains who aids in the development of our technology roadmap and feature sets, steers us away from technology obstructions, and works with us to ensure that we understand the full impact of our technology decisions.