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Understanding Advanced Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

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Some of your best days are still ahead. Live them to the fullest. Advanced differentiated thyroid cancer can be confusing and overwhelming, but with a little help understanding the disease, you can take charge of your cancer experience and make the most out of each day.

This book provides patients with a basic understanding of advanced differentiated thyroid cancer, treatment options and decisions, and how to manage side effects. The goal is to encourage patients to follow through with care plans by providing clarity around the disease, outlining the next steps, and offering practical tips.

Included Topics:
  • The basic types of thyroid cancer
  • Factors that determine your treatment plan
  • Treatment options, including clinical trials
  • Tips for managing medications and appointments
  • Ways to live your best life during treatment

Perfect for patients who have been recently diagnosed with advanced differentiated thyroid cancer and those who have been living with it for a while.

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