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Navigating Sex & Intimacy When You Have Metastatic Breast Cancer

Off-the-Shelf, Booklet Packs

Talking about metastatic breast cancer is hard. Sometimes, talking about sex is even harder.

This book provides patients with the guidance and encouragement to rediscover sexual intimacy after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. From learning how to communicate sexual needs and desires with a partner to finding ways to ease pain, discomfort or worry during intimacy, the goal of this book is to help patients reconnect with their sexuality, experience meaningful human connection, and live life to the fullest despite the difficulties of metastatic breast cancer.

Included Topics:
  • How to get more comfortable talking about sex
  • Ways to ease pain and discomfort
  • Tips for conveying sexual needs to a partner
  • Advice for jumping back into the dating pool
  • Ways to experience more pleasure and fully enjoy life

Perfect for patients recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and those who have been living with it for a while.

Available in packs of 25 and 150, and through bulk orders.