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How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion

Off-the-Shelf, Book Packs

With a bundle, starting at 5 books, you’ll have enough to give your patients the confidence they need to move forward with you on this journey.

From mammogram to survivorship, every patient takes a unique path through the breast cancer journey. Whether it’s an upcoming mammogram or biopsy, or an unfortunate breast cancer diagnosis, How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion is the place to start.

Dr. Joe and Dr. Macrae help patients understand what has already happened on their journey and overcome the fear of what’s to come. Using simple analogies, understandable language, and impactful visuals, this book outlines each step, explaining concepts with compassion and support. Included are definitions and pronunciations of terms, take-home points, and questions to ask the doctor.

How Breast Cancer Is Like a Dandelion is perfect for breast cancer patients and their loved ones, proving support through their journey.

Available in packs 5 or 25.